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I can’t download the newest video! The site is either "unavailable" or "cannot be found".

E-Mail me ASAP! I screwed up with the linking.

After the download finishes the video plays only for a few seconds. What am I doing wrong?

The download may have been corrupted. To eliminate the problem, try using GetRight for the download, it will make sure you get the whole file.

The video doesn’t play; I only get the music...

You are missing a codec. The easiest way to get it is to play the video, using Windows Media Player, while on-line. If the setting is activated MP will download everything it needs. Using the newest version helps, too (Version 9).

What’s a "challenge"?

A challenge is a request, a sort of order. You like a song and I make a video to it. Of course I don’t have to accept all challenges. If you send me a challenge your name will appear in the video description as "Idea: Name".

How can I send a challenge?

Go to challenges and read the rules.

I can’t find a video on your site that was linked at BMVD

E-Mail me. The vid is not mine, it’s down; you can have it by request.

How do you make videos? Where do you get the clips?

I use a video cutting program called Adobe Premiere. It’s actually quite simple: take a song, read the lyrics, put the clips in the way they pop into your head when listening to the text. The clips I record myself over a pretty expensive video card from my DVDs.

My problem is not on the list :(

E-Mail me: English (or German) mails only! Otherwise I’d have to forward your question and the answer would take a long time.