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Video Challenge Rules

Please read all points before sending in a challenge. If you ignore the rules, I’ll ignore your request.

  1. State your name. A nickname will do, but give me something better than BALover5324. Please. And I won’t give your email addy to anyone, but I really need it to ask something or tell you that I finished the vid... *g*
  2. Only BA challenges will be accepted.
  3. Check the following places for a video to the song(s) you have in mind: my Video Page, Work in Progress list and black list; BMV-Database. If you find it in any of these places, think of a different song. If you find it on BMVD but it’s not BA, you can still send the challenge, but please add a note.
  4. English songs only! I kinda have to understand the lyrics... And sending it with a translation is nice, but other people might want to understand it too. So sorry, but I can’t accept any non-English songs. There can be some lines in a different language, but not the larger part, ok?
  5. Please don’t send in more then 2 songs. Don’t go through your play list and say “that’s great, that, that and that!” Give the others a chance. Also, wait at least until your song is out before sending in a new challenge.
  6. Please be polite. This is a hobby; I don’t want to get yelled at in my free time ;)

Send challenge now!